Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum Order Policy: Minimum order is USD 500.00 for our product without any minimum pieces order.
  3. Prices: All prices are in US dollar and are wholesale prices. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. The price of a product unit excludes shipping and document costs (GSP, etc).
  5. Shipping: Most orders are shipped out from P.T. Bali Langit Biru within the next business day using Fed Ex. Then it takes 2-4 additional business days to reach you. If your order cannot be shipped, we will contact you immediately by email or fax to inform you of the reason(s) for the delay. Prices of products do not include shipping cost. Shipping cost will be calculated upon receipt of your order. We can give only an approximate shipping cost prior to the receipt of your order.
  7. Tracking your order : When your order has been shipped, you will receive an email notification   with a confirmation of shipment and a tracking number. You can use this   number to track the shipment of your order at www.fedex.com.
  9. Terms of Payment: All payments are to be made via bank transfers (T/Ts) or credit cards and card processing is served by 2co.com. For bank transfer, we suggest to wire the money through BOA (Bank of America) as they are correspondent to our bank. It is important to avoid any cost that will   be taken by intermediate bank. If there is any cost taken by   intermediate bank, it will be cost on customer.  For payment through 2CO, we will send you link to do the transaction.
  11. CANCELLATION: In the case of order cancellations, deposits are not refundable. Orders not claimed by customers for a period of 3 months or more without any confirmation will be declared ‘unclaimed’ and will be melted. Deposits on unclaimed orders are NOT refundable.
  13. IMPORT DUTY: Usually, there is no import duty/taxes for the silver goods from Bali - Indonesia to USA. However, for other countries, import duty may be charged. Please check on your customs for more information regarding to this issue
  15. RETURN POLICY: We are more than happy to exchange or credited the cost of the item(s) which are returned to us within seven days. However, the item(s) must be returned to us in a unworn condition and in the original packaging in when sent to you. If your item(s) be faulty, simply contact blb925@indosat.net.id with details of the fault and item you wish to return along with details of when the item was purchased.